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Jewelry Services

Updated as of 3/5/2022

Prices listed below apply to our Sterling Silver settings. If you wish to get a quote in gold, give us a call (828)635-7548.

Pendants (small)                                          $40

Pendants (large/decorative)                   $50

Posts/Dangles                                               $55


Women's Rings                                              $60

+ $12 first size up, $10 each additonal size up/down


Men's Rings                                                     $90

+$15 first size up, $12 each additonal size up/down      

We work with:

-Sterling Silver 

-14kt, 10kt Yellow Gold

-14kt Rose Gold and White Gold

Custom Charges

If we need to customize a setting, there will be an extra charge of $15 for each solder joint, as well as cost of materials and labor. Give us a call or visit us in the shop to discuss these options.

Bracelets                                                      $100

Tie Tacks (pair)                                            $85

Cufflinks (pair)                                            $100

Broach                                                           $100

Keychain                                                        $55

Wire wrap                                                      $35

(Designer or Cabochon)                        $60+

Silver Chains (1.9mm Rope)

16in/18in                                                           $35

20in                                                                  $40

24in                                                                  $45

*We can order different styles upon request. Changes in price may apply.

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