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Lapidary Services

Updated as of 3/5/22

All cutting costs are based off a time factor

We guarantee that all cutting orders are cut on site by our Lapidary staff.



Standard Cuts (up to 12x10mm)      $80

(Emerald Cut, Round Brilliant, Scissor Cut)

14x10mm          $90

14x12mm          $105

16x12mm          $115

18x13mm          $130

Alt style cuts  (up to 12x10mm)            $90

(Oval Cut, Pear Cut, Tourmaline Cut, or requested design)

14x10mm            $95

14x12mm            $110

16x12mm            $120

18x13mm            $135

Portuguese Cuts

 up to 18mm                                   $175

 19mm and up                              $250

Standard                                       $40

(10mmx8mm and under)

Standard                                       $40

(11mmx9mm to 24mmx14mm)

25mmx18mm                               $55

30mmx22mm                              $70

40mmx30mm                             $85

Ruby/Sapphire                            $45

(10mmx8mm and under)

Ruby/Sapphire                            $50

(11mmx9mm to 24mmx14mm)

25mmx18mm                               $75

30mmx22mm                              $105

40mmx30mm                             $135

Freeform Cabochons

<25mm                                            $55

>25mm                                            $75

*Price of cut can increase if we can get a larger yield and/or material to be cut is advanced material. Talk to one our lapidarists for more info*

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