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Emerald hollow mine 


finished emerald pieces.jpg

Natural Emerald Cabochon and Faceted Stones cut and mounted

for a custom order. 


Emerald Hollow Mine Lapidary

You mine em', We design em'


Nestled in the forest of Hiddenite,NC,Emerald Hollow Mine is the only active, public, emerald mine in the entire world. We are also home as the only place in the entire world where you can find the rare gemstone,Hiddenite. Sitting on a little over 70 acres of heavily wooded terrain,you can find over 63 different gemstones and minerals, in our hand-built sluiceways, natural creekbed or open pit mine.

Another true gem in this small forest town is the onsite Lapidary here at Emerald Hollow Mine. In 1988 the Lapidary was opened to the public in a small building but in less than a year grew to the full scale work shop that many know today.


In this day and age,Lapidaries are hardly available on the East Coast. The art of gem cutting has become so scarce because of the expensive cutting equipment and the expertise required to create top quality gemstones.


Emerald Hollow Mine Lapidary Services include:





-Wire wrapping

 Whatever you may find during your visit to Emerald Hollow MIne we can turn in into the jewelry of your dreams. Everything we have avaliable online has been cut in house here at the Emerald Hollow Mine lapidary. We also cut pieces from around the world,so  bring gems from your personal collection!

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